O’Neill Heat 7mm Round Toe Boot

O’Neill Heat 7mm Round Toe Boot

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If you feel the cold in the cold winter months in the UK then a good pair of wetsuit boots is essential to staying warm and comfortable. The O'Neill Heat 7mm round toe westui boots are one of the warmest boots you can buy. 7mm of neoprene arounf your feet is designed to retain the maximum amount of warmth so you can stay in the water for longer and enjoy.

As the physical link between you and your board, O'Neill is committed to designing the best performing boots available.

The Heat 7MM Round Toes features new Foxing Seam Weld and Firewall lining.


•  Exterior: Fluid Foam

•  Interior: Fluid Foam

• Glued and Blindstitched Seams

• Top Shin Strap: Anti-Flush

• Durable Textured Rubber Sole

• Firewall Interior

• External Foxing Seam Weld (100%) Sealed

• Forefoot Strap with Neoprene Lining

• Heel Pull Tab